What Is KDMS?

         KDMS is a smaller public minecraft community. Here players are helped with on a personal level. KDMS is not one of those huge servers where no one has the time to listen to you and it is impossible to stand out of the crowd. Here we listen to what every member has to say and go from there.

        Our server has kind, dedicated staff that are always at your disposal. Because of our trust in players we do not protect regions from griefing, meaning you are welcome to build a home anywhere and walk only a few meters to collect resources. However if a griefer comes along they will be swiftly banned and rolled back. Anyone can access block logs on the server using a wooden pick. You can then use this ability to tell staff if someone griefed you and can report it on the forums. It will also make it easier to find out if someone has actually griefed you in the first place.

        While we are small we have many of the same things the larger servers might have. We have a dedicated website and forums, a dynamic map, player statistics, and much more. We try to remain a small social community with rarely a time where there are more than 10 people on a once.

        The server owner (keco185) is in reach almost 24/7 . Just type /calladmin into the chat field and keco will be notified and be able to remotely access the server's console, player data, config files and more.

         Our staff is dedicated to serving your needs and helping you with any problems you might have. We currently have 2 admins and 1 moderators 3 VIPs and 12 Respected members that might be able to help. Details can be found at kdms.us/ranks. We also have good grief protection and software such as logblock in order to roll back (restore) griefed structures.

         When you first log onto the server you will be able to build but won't be able to go to the creative world, use warps, set home or tpa. You must make an account on our forums at kdms.us/forums. If you have made an account on the forums you will have a chance to appeal if you are to be banned. Otherwise you will not be able to appeal until an account is made. If you have questions or concerns please email us at the email address listed below. Also feel free to check out the player stats and dynamic map. The server is free and public so there is no reason not to go on and check it out. All are welcome!

Server Specs/Stats:

IP Address: kdms.us
Max Players: 64
Storage Space: 1.5 TB
Uptime: 99.9%
Bukkit Version: Bukkit 1.6.2 R 0.1

Email: kdminecraftserver@hotmail.com



Map Downloads:

Map 1 Normal Size: 199 MB
Map 1 Nether Size: 7.5MB
Map 2 Creative1 Size: 36.3

Map 2 files are still in use

Player Stats

UTC Time