You can go onto our server using the IP:

How To Get Minecraft

To start playing minecraft you must first go to and download the exe or zip file.

Once downloaded you need to place the file where you will remember it. Now to launch minecraft you simply click on the minecraft.exe or

In the bottom right of the screen you will see a 2 text fields for a username and password. If you have not payed for a minecraft account yet just click the words "Need account?" underneath the word "Login".

Once you have your account you must type in your username and password and login. If this is your first time you will have to wait for minecraft to download the necessary files. It should only take a few seconds. After the download is complete you will be show a screen with the option for single player, multiplayer, texture packs, options, and quit.

To log onto the server you must click "multiplayer". You will be brought to a new screen with 7 buttons at the bottom.

Click the button that says "add server" and type into the Server Address field. You are free to name the server whatever you want.

After the server is added you will see the server listed above. If it says "Communication error" you should still be able to connect. Just double click on the server and wait for the map to load.

If you still cannot connect single click on the server and click "edit" at the bottom of the window. Go down to Server Address and change it to After that it should work.