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How To Get Promoted

1. Be kind. We on the server cannot tolerate rude attitude and will not promote someone who is rude to others

2. Be Active. Try and be on the server as often as possible. We are always looking for people who can be on when we can’t. Also make many meaningful posts without spamming the forums.

3. Follow the rules. This is a given, if you break a rule you will be banned and that means you won’t be promoted.

4. Make stuff. Building cool looking things on the server is always a way to get us to notice you.

5. Help others. If someone needs help and you help them we will notice and we will have a better opinion of you.

6. Advertise. Getting the word out there really helps the server. Tell your friends, make a youtube video, or something else to get us know

7. Know your stuff. You need to know commands, websites and other information. I have info for respected at kdms.us/respected