Gameplay Rules:

1. No griefing stealing or hacking
2. No PVP under a roof
3. No killing tamed dogs
4. Respect members and staff
5. Don't ask for rank promotions
6. If it might be against the rules, ask
7. Don't grief strongholds
8. Keep cursing to a minimum
9. No spamming
10. Do not give away anyone else's personal info
11. try to use proper english
12. No block towers (towers 1 block wide 1 block long and over 3 blocks tall)
13. Follows orders given by staff without question
14. Staff can stop conversations that get out of hand
15. Do not keep killing the same person over and over (or spawn killing)
16. Don’t complain when you are killed. The killer is allowed to keep your stuff
17. Only have traps in land that you have settled
18. Consider traps part of PVP
19. If you have a complaint or question message a staff member
20. No building pixel art without asking
21. don't make steps/pillers to get over a wall or gain entrance to another structure
22. Please act mature and appropriate
23. Have fun
24. Check back here on occasions for more rules

Forum Rules:

1. No Spamming
2. Minimize cursing
3. Speak English
4. Make sure you Post in the correct forum topic
5. No posting in “Ban reports” if you had nothing to do with the ban
6. No illegal activities
7. Do not argue if we decide to delete a post of yours
8. No offensive comments
9. No advertising on forums without permission
10. No oversized signatures
11. No referral links
12. Do not post in inactive threads
13. Do not type in caps
14. Have good grammar and spelling
15. Do not whine constantly
16. Treat members respectfully
17. Try to avoid using abbreviations (C, R, U, ttyl, etc.)
18. Correcting grammar is for staff to do
19. Follow staff requests
20. Staff can stop conversations getting out of hand
21. Do not give out another’s personal information
22. Check back here on occasion for more rules